Assignment #4

This advertisement is for Absolut Vodka.

The Forms: The Focal point of this ad is not on the actual item being sold. I feel the image is overshadowing the vodka. The balance on the ad is unbalanced. For proportion the image is on a greater scale than the vodka. Maybe they pitched the item this way to show that Absolut Vodka is simple and it ties the greatness of the image with the vodka. The Unity/Harmony of this ad works for me. I feel the whole image comes together as a whole. The only thing I feel interrupts the unity is the hands at the top of the image. They seem over-scaled. There is ton of repetition in the ad. The black circles, wine glasses, the hands, and the machines. Rhythm is created due to the repetition of and the spiral motion of the objects. Color shows how epic the image and product is. the colors are different shades of black/white/silver/brown. This gives the image a sophisticated look. The lines in this are freeform which helps lead the eyes throughout the image. The shapes in this ad are circles and squares. Texture is glossy, smooth, and durable/strong. The space in this ad is occupied by several objects. but yet the space in the background adds depth.

This ad has This advertisment is eye catching and surreal which I feel is a great aspect to have in an ad. Good advertisements also have text within it. Text helps creates the message within the ad. Also the lighting or colors of the ad it helps set a tone to the image. The only unsuccessful part of this ad is that the vodka is overshadowed by the image. I had to search to see what item was being pitched within the ad. However, this ad makes and almost forces people to gaze at it. When I saw this ad I wanted to observe everything within the image. This is an exciting and hectic image. I almost feel enlightened and I feel this image represents the future and the worlds latest and greatest creations.Also in the image they throw in different objects that represent partying. They have drum symbols and wine glasses throughout the image. The ad is trying to tie Absolut Vodka with the feel of this image. Absolut Vodka is epic…..a fascinating creation…..


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