Assignment #6

Cliché: A cliché  is basically a stereotype. It is when and idea or a vision is overused that it loses its initial meaning. The idea or visual is expected because it has been used repeatedly. A cliche is a well-known metaphor.

Ex:  This is a typical (cliché) image that represents love. If I was to just glance at this for a second I would already know what it means because I have already seen it numerous times. This metaphor is not as powerful as it used to be because it lost initial meaning. 



Metaphor: A metaphor is a comparison between two things. Metaphors are important because they connect two things( ex: an image and an idea) together in a new light or different view. Metaphors help me expand my imagination by connecting different ideas together. Overall, I am able to relate ideas in a way I have not before.

Ex: The picture below represents water pollution. I personally have never seen water pollution viewed in this perspective. It is clever.


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