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November 17, 2009

Jeff Soto– painter/visual artist

Jeff Soto

Brief Bio: Became interested in graffiti and painting on canvases in High School. In his art work there is graffiti attributes. Started graffiti in 1989 and adpated his style through the experience of street art.

Jeff Soto Graffiti in London

He graduated from the Art Center College of Design in 2002. His paintings and installations are throughout the U.S. and internationally shown in galleries. Commercial clients include Sony Music, Spin Magazine, and Morrow Snowboards. He lives off of his art work.

Age: 33

Location: Riverside CA

Inspired by:

“Inspired by childhood toys, the colorful lifestyle of skateboarding and graffiti, hip-hop and popular culture”-Jeff Soto

Star Wars & Robotech


Star Wars

Environmental Issues Ex: most of his works revolve around robotic creatures and nature. Symbolic for technology vs. nature or human vs nature. His works are political in nature.

“I like to combine beauty with destruction.”- Jeff Soto

“I like that conflict of depression and hope” -Jeff Soto

Rituals Before Creating Work:

Goes on walks & looks at nature

Used to paint from his dreams

Paints everyday and builds from past projects

Listens to Music:

Snoop Dogg


His best work comes from 11pm to 5am

His Style:

“Gives images of fears, nostalgia of his youth, themes of love, lust, and hope.”-Jeff Soto

“I prefer to work in a free form style. I usually work from a very, very rough sketch or idea and then dive in and see what happens. Sometimes there is no sketch at all and I just feel my way through the piece.”-Jeff Soto
“I guess my style has evolved to include all the types of techniques I enjoy- collage, mark making, drawing, stenciling, being messy and rendering things very tight with acrylics. I’m actually creating similar imagery to what I was doing 5 years ago, only my process and consequently my style has changed. I’m really into creating chaos and then redefining that chaos until I feel the piece is done. I’m really into layering and repainting areas until it looks right.”-Jeff Soto

Some Common themes in his work are Plants (Cactus), Robots, and in most of his works he uses primary and secondary colors on the color wheel.

Uses Acrylic on Wood Panel for most of his paintings.

Involved in the Pop-Surrealism movement

Works: Poster/ Art Print, designs toys, publishes books, paints on canvases, walls, and recyclable items (Ex: wood panel and cardboard).

Some more paintings!!! (Found these on another blog)

Recent works Fall of 2009:

"The Three Friends" Prints

Other Works:

"Storm Clouds" Jeff Soto book

"Blue Cryer" Designed Toy

His store : Potato Stamp

His Website: Jeff Soto

His Blog: Jeff Soto Art